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JELLY BEAN - Adoption Pending

HEALTH - Adoption Pending

KEEBLER- MALE- Adoption Pending

KISSES- FEMALE- Adoption Pending

SUGAR - FEMALE- Adoption Pending

TAFFY - FEMALE - Adoption Pending

We have approved applications on all puppies. All puppies are pending adoption and will be meeting their new families 1st and 2nd week of November.  We are still accepting backup applications in case a meet and greet does not work out. Click on link below to apply as a backup 

Adoption Application

Puppies were outside today for the first time exploring. The older they get their ears appear to flop down more like a bulldog or lab. Its exciting to see them grow and how they change. 

Cookie's Puppies

Mom Cookie is a pitbull /bulldog mix.  Cookie's previous owner said dad is a white lab/ bulldog mix.  When she became pregnant she was surrendered. Cookie is a wonderful dog with a great temperament. She is a loving mom who takes great care of her babies. 

Puppies were born on September 14th, 2017. They can go for adoption at 8 weeks old .

We have 6 puppies available for adoption: 2 Boys and 4 Girls. 

We are accepting applications now and you may put down a deposit of $50 to hold your puppy once your application is approved. Please note it may take up  2 weeks to process your application

Adoption Fee is $200.00. 

For more information on adoption criteria for adopting a puppy:  Email us at  before submitting an application. 


This will be the last video of the puppies.

All will be going to their forever homes soon. 

Video was taken at 1:00 in the morning. Puppies wanted to play not sleep. Lights were turned down in the puppy the video is dark. 

In this video you will notice a large litter box. So let us explain our potty training method. We use dog litter first of all, not cat litter. Potty training starts at 3 weeks old.This teaches the puppy that there is a designated spot to potty making it easier for the new owner to potty train their new puppy. When this is done right, by the time the puppy goes for adoption the puppy should not potty in his puppy pen or bed, as they do not pee or poop where they eat or where they sleep. What goes on from the time of birth to the time you adopt the puppy plays a big role on the young life and what an adopter will be faced with. This is why our puppys receive lots of socialization and potty training before they go for adoption.